Misuse of Should, Could and Would; How far does that affect you?

Every day I see an error among my student in the usage of these words – Should, could and would in a sentence .… the reason is just one! Not having the know-how to use these.

Misuse of Should, Could and Would; how far does that affect you?

I understand the reason for the overuse and misuse as a learner too. Let’s see a quick-expression here

Should you think I must go for the event?”- This is wrong!

Should – gives or asks advises, opinions and suggestions. The right expression is of – ‘asking an opinion’ in this case, hence you should ask

“Do you think I should go for the event?”

Must is compulsive, there is no other go!

Could and would are polite expressions used in general questions and answers, as in

“Could you help me move the table please?” or “Would you be helping me in writing answers?”

Could has a role in expressing future possibilities too

“He could be the next Prime Minister.”

Now, I am sure a quick look like this is just not enough. So, whether you have an IELTS or PTE or TOEFL exam to qualify, need skills of language to grow professionally or to outsmart others, there are some typical usages and their knowledge you need the most.

Go through my video, and get the understanding that you need today. In case, you want me to help you check IELTS Writing tasks, please mail me at contact@asklearning.in.


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