WOTY…? A new word or most over-used words in a year?

What’s WOTY…? A new word or most over-used words in a year?                

Everyone today wants an impressive phrase to kick start a conversation, that’s absolutely the need of the hour too!

‘WOTY’ or ‘word of the year’ concept, that’s put up each year by English dictionaries like Oxford, Merriam-Webster’s, Collins and many more help our active vocabulary and interaction.

WOTY gives you a good overview of the most prominent word or category of words that would have changed or developed in the social and economic context of people’s life internationally.

The year 2018 saw Oxford WOTY as ‘toxic’ and Merriam-Webster’s WOTY to be ‘justice’. Dictionary.com revealed ‘misinformation’ as its WOTY the same year.

These words helped us understand a vast definition pointing to different applications. Toxic means poisonous, and is used in discussions of health and environment.

2018 gave scope to ‘toxicity of plastics’, to describe toxic environments of workplace and schools, even #MeToo Movement highlighted ‘toxic masculinity’ across the globe and the same applied to government policies and leadership.

‘Misinformation’ means false information that thrives on social media, without any fact finding by the users, shared like wildfire with an unknown intent. Characterised by it, a list of new words became popular with terms like disinformation, fake news, echo chamber and more…….

A quick research on WOTY for a year provides plentiful new words or updated words that can be taken up in presentations, article writing and reproduced while you speak.

By the way, did you know the term ‘youthquake’– Oxford WOTY 2017? Cheers!

Readers may actively comment below to clarify doubts.

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