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Speaking inspired through Imagery

From the days of Adam and Eve, images of the ‘glistening, sinfully red apple’ that referred to ‘EVIL’ tread the course of human interaction or communication. So, a tricky question stands answered since the very beginning – Images do inspire our speaking skills.

Let’s look at an image of a house that I picked from the internet.

Develop your Speaking skills through Imagery

Looking at the image, list out the sentences that occur in your head, like,

“My granny’s house is a big white vintage bungalow, that has an expansive (spread-out) lawn around the entire layout. There are old and huge trees too and the house has an antique chimney on its side. It is a large house with four bedrooms and we get ample sunlight inside the house.”

Now, that is really simple when someone writes those sentences and generates those ideas for you, just like I did here.

“This is why ‘imaginative’ individuals can always present and speak better than the rest, because their mind thinks and describes better”

Now, look at certain pictures in the collage below.


This collage is all about fruits, try listing out a few sentences.

The vocabulary that you may use would be words like juicy, nutritious, minerals, anti-oxidants, energizes, vital or important, fruitarians, hydrate and so on.

You may list out a few interesting sentences and comment below too.

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