Be a beacon, not just a flashlight

Hold your forte, be a beacon and transcend yourself.

Many of us wish to be guiding lights within our sphere of influence and strive constantly to be ever more than better ever. However, not many find themselves capable of such clairvoyance. Let us exert ourselves towards a greater understanding of this cosmic secret.

When you think of a flashlight or a torch, it gives us a sense of power and wisdom. It guides. Invariably, the one who carries the torch leads the pack. Also, a torch moves with you and where ever you go it Illuminates the path, making it easier to find things. It’s not surprising that our world and society, at large, craves for power and wisdom and everyone is in search of ‘the flashlight’. Somehow, if you linger over this thought, probably, just for a bit longer, it might light up another insight. Eventually, meandering our consciousness beyond its search for a flashlight to being a beacon for others.

Figuratively, a beacon is stationary and keeps on eminating its power as light, or sound or even as a profound thought. When I think of a beacon, I try to imagine a lighthouse firmly placed along the highest point on the beach. It has just one purpose, to bring other ships to shore. It does that with all its power and does not shy itself from doing it’s job; be it a storm or the scorching sun, it prevails. A lighthouse doesn’t move either. It stays fixed, its not in search of light anymore rather it’s become a guiding light to others. It a beacon and others look up to it. This is the change that you must seek in you. As long as you are in doubt, you can’t be a beacon. The more you search, the shallower you become. This brings us to another dilema, nothing less than opening the Pandora’s box.

Don’t worry be happy, it’s alright if you are still searching for the cosmic secrets. Just remember what you need to become is a beacon, shining light on others, for others. The secret is to give and in believing that it would come back in ten folds.

Justus Joseph

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