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Latest Speaking Topics – May to August 2019

This list has been updated, IELTS Speaking Topics – Sep to Dec 2020

IELTS Speaking List – May to August 2019

An understanding of the topics that are being used, to ask questions in an IELTS Speaking Test is what you ultimately need to train yourselves to get into a spontaneous as well as a vocabulary oriented conversation with the examiner. Many test takers are also worried about the kind of questions that occur under the topics. I have provided an overview of the questions that you may get too.

Latest Speaking May to August 2019:

Part 1 Topics – First three are common to every test.

  1. Home – Where is it? What kind of home do you live in? Tell me a little about your home? How many rooms do you have at home? Your favorite room? What changes would you like to bring in it? Do you plan to live in the same house in the future? How is your neighborhood?
  2. Hometown –  Where is it? What facilities are there around? What improvements would you like to have there? Do you like it? What can a visitor do there? What are the common occupations of people there? How is the traffic? Is it a good place for a child growing up there?
  3. Work/ Study – What is your present area of work/ What have you studied? Where do you work/ Where did you study that? Why did you choose this domain at work/ Why did you choose this course? Do you like your present area of work/ area of study? What do you not like about it? Do you plan to change your domain in the future/ area of study?
    The topics mentioned for Part 1 change every four months and are notified by students and professionals who take upon the test. Also, a few examiners do share the topic content online. You may train yourselves for any topic by answering the essential questions relating to – What? Where? Who? Why? How? and also comparing the present scenario versus when you were younger.
  4. Music
  5. Colour
  6. Perfume
  7. Movies & Actor
  8. Emails
  9. Maths
  10. Weather
  11. Bottled Water
  12. Sleep
  13. Smiling
  14. Paintings
  15. Rubbish & Recycling
  16. Sharing
  17. Shops
  18. Social Media
  19. Travel
  20. Nature
  21. Tea & Coffee
  22. Festivals
  23. Crowded Places
  24. Pets
  25. Patience

Part 2 Topics – The Cue cards give you time to explore the question and the best way to answer them is by associating it with your experience, tell the examiner a short incident relating to the topic. Utilize all of your two minutes until the examiner prompts you to stop talking in this part. Task Achievement is essential as you need to answer every part of the topic cue given. The latest topics for May to August 2019 are mentioned below.

  1. An exciting sport from your childhood
  2. A time you gave advice to someone
  3. A meal at a special event
  4. A success your friend has had that came out positive
  5. An important decision you made with someone’s help
  6. A bad service you received
  7. A person who has encouraged you recently
  8. An outdoor activity or sport you would like to try
  9. An old person you met who has inspired you
  10. Your Ideal house
  11. A time you saw someone you didn’t know, talking on a mobile phone
  12. A tree, plant or bush grown in your country
  13. A TV advert you have never forgotten
  14. A time when you invited a friend to have a meal with you
  15. A souvenir you bought recently
  16. A party you recently attended
  17. An item you lost that was found later
  18. A singer or music band you are fond of
  19. A time you answered an anonymous phone call
  20. An occasion you had to get up early in the morning
  21. Recent good news you read
  22. An item you bought but haven’t used much
  23. An activity you do alone in your free time
  24. A famous person from another country you would like to meet
  25. A successful friend you have

Now, I would be helping you by exploring each of the Cue Card topics in the next blogs to follow. Meanwhile, you may post your comments and ask me questions if you have any, in the comment box. Coaching for IELTS at Kochi and handling students online globally has given me a great understanding of the fears and discomforts that test takers feel. So, feel free to share your thoughts.

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