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Latest IELTS Speaking Cue card Topics – September to December 2019

This list has been updated, IELTS Speaking Topics – Sep to Dec 2020

Before you start with cue card topic, it is strongly advised to go through part 1 speaking topics for September to December, 2019.

After part 1 questions, you get a cue card, a pen, and a paper, with one minute to prepare for the topic listed there. The examiner would prompt you when to start and you need to speak for at least two minutes on the given topic. Make sure you answer the related questions too. The cue card looks like this –

IELTS cue card
IELTS cue card

You should make notes on what you’ll be speaking on the paper provided, earlier. Try and be more descriptive as two minutes may seem like a stretch while speaking. Below, is the list for speaking cue cards, the list only provides the main content of the cue card.

1. a celebration of an achievement
2. something you borrowed from someone
3. a recent conversation
4. a public building you would like to visit
5. a school you went to as a child
6. an indoor activity or game
7. a place to read and write (not your home)
8. a souvenir
9. a memorable advertisement
10. a visit to a park
11. a time you were with people and bored
12. someone who travels by plane for work
13. the most recent conversation you enjoyed
14. a time you looked at the sky (day or night)
15. a movie you recently saw
16. an indoor game
17. a time you met someone for the first time
18. a time you had to wake up early
19. your favourite item of clothing
20. learning a new language
21. a happy day you would like to have
22. a friend you are proud of
23. a leisure activity you enjoyed with your family
24. a happy moment you remember
25. a person who encouraged you to achieve your goals
26. when you gave advice to someone
27. something useful you borrowed
28. a photograph in your home
29. a famous personality outside your country
30. a famous product from your local region
31. a time you were given the wrong information
32. a time when you lost something
33. a recent advertisement you watched
34. your favourite place for shopping
35. a place where you used to play when you were a child
36. a time you heard a stranger talking on the phone
37. a movie your friend would like
38. someone who spends their free time helping others
39. a time a child made you laugh
40. an unusual or unique holiday
41. a person you know who has new, creative ideas or opinions
42. a time you had to hide the truth from a friend
43. a colourful event

Speaking part 3

Part 3 questions follow the cue card topic in speaking part 2 but are more general, and you are expected to answer on a broader perspective. They may ask you about the general sentiment that people might have on the topic.

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