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Latest IELTS Speaking Topics – September to December 2019

Latest IELTS Speaking Topics –

September to December 2019


Let’s have a good look at the latest and the last quarter speaking topics for this year, 2019. Remember, this is not a complete list, and it is advised always to include past Speaking topics from May to August 2019, while preparing for IELTS. This list includes all the inputs from our students around the globe. Here we go!

Speaking Part 1 Topics Sept-Dec 2019

The speaking part 1 questions require you to answer crisply in short, one to three sentences. The examiner would ask 10 to 15 questions from 3 to 4 topics listed below. Take this as a string of short conversations and make yourself comfortable as you set in, making sure the conversation is led by the examiner, stop when he or she interrupts to ask you more.

You should try and be honest with your answers, don’t cook up responses which might seem vague or impractical or gives a mugged up impression. The topics mentioned for Part 1 change every four months and are notified by students and professionals who take upon the test. Also, a few examiners do share the topic content online. You may train yourselves for any topic by answering the essential questions relating to – What? When? Where? Who? Why? How? And also compare the present scenario versus when you were younger. So, let’s start with all the topics for IELTS Speaking Part 1:

  • Home – Where is it? What kind of home do you live in? Tell me a little about your home? How many rooms do you have at home? Your favourite room? What changes would you like to bring in it? Do you plan to live in the same house in the future? How is your neighbourhood?

Find answers for topic HOME here

  • Hometown – Where is it? What facilities are there around? What improvements would you like to have there? Do you like it? What can a visitor do there? What are the common occupations of people there? How is the traffic? Is it a good place for a child growing up there?

Find answers for topic HOMETOWN here

  • Work/ Study – What is your present area of work/ what have you studied? Where do you work/ where did you study that? Why did you choose this domain at work/ why did you choose this course? Do you like your present area of work/ area of study? What do you not like about it? Do you plan to change your domain in the future/ area of study?

Find answers for topic WORK

Find answers for topic STUDY

  • Holidays – What do you usually do on holidays? When was your last holiday? How often do you get holidays? Who do you spend your holidays with? What would you like to do on your next holiday? Do you think you should get more holidays?

Find answers for topic HOLIDAYS

  • Future What do you think the future holds for you? What are your future plans? Do you think you’d have a bright future? What challenges do you see for yourself in the near future?
  • Friends Are you a person who spends time with friends? Do you prefer a particular friend or a group of friends? What do you do most with them? Do you feel friends are important for our social development? Are you still in touch with friends from childhood?
  • Weather – What do you prefer – hot or cold weather? Why? Do you think weather changes are rapid nowadays than before? How often is it cold or hot from where you come from? What do you think are the challenges of living in cold weather conditions?
  • Books – Do you like reading books? What kind of books do you like to read? Where do you like to read books? Have you had family members with reading habits? Do you spend time at a library and read books or do you prefer buying them?
  • Family & Relatives Do you live in a large or nuclear family? Do you think it is beneficial to have relatives as neighbours? What kinds of things do you like doing with family and relatives/ cousins? Do you have a good connection with your relatives?
  • Languages Can learning languages help us? Do you think learning languages has become a trend more than a need? Have you learned a new language ever or do you wish to? Do you think knowing languages allow effective conversations?
  • Animals/ Wild Animals – Do you plan to visit wildlife sanctuaries or have a desire to explore wildlife? Many exotic wildlife species are becoming endangered or have been extinct- Why? Do you think effective conservation of wild animals is practiced? Animals are losing their natural habitat due to urbanization – What are the disadvantages of this?
  • Social Networking Sites- Which social media websites do you use? How much time do you spend on these sites? What kind of information about yourself have you put on social media? Why? Is there anything you do not like about Social Media? Are relationships diluting in the social media era?
  • Time Management – Are you able to manage or organize your time efficiently? Do you feel young people organize their time effectively? Have you been late for any event? How do you feel when you are late for an appointment? Do you think wearing a watch helps you keep track of time in a better way?
  • Walking Have you gone for a morning walk ever? Why do you think doctors advise on active lifestyles include brisk walking? What will happen if we stop walking and use motorized aids for such activities? Is walking or jogging more beneficial according to you?
  • Concentration What kind of activities help you to concentrate? Do you think having a routine helps you to concentrate better? Is it easy or difficult for you to concentrate? Do you something to help you concentrate better? What affects your ability to concentrate?
  • Names Do you like your name? Is it easy to change names in your country if one wants? How did your parents/ folks choose this name for you? What association does your name have with your personality? How children are usually named in your country?
  • Music What kind of music do you prefer? Why?  When do you spend time listening to music in a day? Are you fond of learning any musical instruments? Does music help you ease in any way? Have music trends changed much since your teenage?
  • Beauty Is the beauty of people important to you when you interact? What do you think is the connection between beauty and fashion? Do you make friends based on one’s beauty or good looks? What beauty products do you use in routine life? Do you try and appear more beautiful or handsome to show confidence to others? Why?
  • Anger  What kind of things make you angry? How do you feel after you vent your anger on someone? Have you been angry with someone you know? Do you think it is good to showcase your emotions when you are angry?
  • Team Sports – Have you played team sports in school days? Do they help a person to learn discipline? What values can be learnt through team sports? Do you think team sports must be included in extra-curricular activities and academics? Why? Have you been a part of any sports team? How did it feel?
  • New Language – Have you learned a new language? Why? Why not? How has it helped you? Is it important to learn new languages? What benefits can it bring in international living? Do you know anyone who has been successful after learning a new language?
  • School – When did you start your school? How far was your school? How did you travel to school? Did you have many friends in school? Can you mention a cherished school memory? What kind of amenities do schools offer in your country for a student? Do you think they need to be improved? How? Did school act as a foundation in your life? Why?
  • Travel – Are you fond of travels? What essential things do you carry when you are travelling? Who do you prefer travelling with – alone or family or friend? What insights does travelling to places bring in a person? How do you plan your travel? Do people in your country like travelling for pleasure? Why? Do you think tour guides and booklets help your travel experience?
  • Jeans – Do youngster prefer and wear jeans in your hometown? How often do you wear them? Are they comfortable to wear? Do you buy jeans for yourself often? Do you buy them online or offline? Why? Did you wear them during your school years? Why do you think it has become so popular all over the world?
  • Growing vegetables – Do you grow vegetables at home? Do most people practice this in your home town? What are the benefits of such practices? What kind of a vegetable would you like to plant and grow? Do most people eat vegetables in your country? Are there many vegetarians who grow vegetables or is it commonly grown in your country?
  • Smiles – What are the things that make you smile? When was the last time someone smiled at you?  Do you like to smile while posing for photos? How do you feel when children smile? When was the last time you saw a group of people smiling? Do you think a smile gives a good impression?
  • Rubbish & Recycling – Do you practice rubbish recycling at home? Are people in your country aware of the importance of rubbish recycling? How can it benefit the environment if we segregate waste and effectively recycle it? Are students in your country taught about waste management? Why should such an idea be made compulsory?
  • Coffee (Drinks/ Tea/ Beverages) – Do you drink coffee? When did you last have tea/ coffee? What are the advantages/ disadvantages of having coffee? Would you offer a tea or coffee to someone who comes to your home? Would you step out to have a coffee or a cup of tea to a cafe?
  • Street Markets – Are street market commonly seen around in your country? Do people in your country freely go to open-air markets? What benefits do street markets have over single retail shops? Have you been to a street market? When was the last time you went to one? Do you like this concept of open-air markets?
  • Voice – Can you recognize the voices of people you know over phone calls? Have you tried noticing a bird’s voice? Do you think we can recall other’s voices even if they are not around? Do scary voices and dubbings in movies make you fearful? How do intonation and stress help you while you voice out your opinion?
  • Patience – Are you a patient person? Who in your family is the most patient? What kinds of jobs require patience? Why should one be patient with little children and old people? In what ways has this virtue helped you? Who is more patient – men or women? How do you feel when one is not patient with others?

Hope this helps you do a lot better and you crack the score you need. Be spontaneous and your weapon is related vocabulary to these topics. Good luck!

Cue card topics for part 2 of the IELTS Speaking test is jotted down in another blog, you may want to check it out. Speaking Part 2 Topics Sept-Dec 2019

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