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Cambridge IELTS book 14 – Test 1 essay answer

Cambridge IELTS book 14 – Test 1 essay

Accept a bad situation


Cambridge -IELTS book-14- test 1

Sample essay : 270 words, 8-9 band


Nature and nurture together play an imperative role in the development of the human mind. While some of us strive to be better than our circumstances and stand firm, others might give in and be more accepting of their situations. Personal choices depend on many underlying factors, and there would always be some level of ambiguity.

Since childhood, parables and tales help form our character. Stories such as the tortoise and hare teach us to look at problems with a broader perspective. Even though the tortoise was slower, it won the race. Instead of worrying about the problem, it focused on karma and participated diligently. Life may be smothered with complications, but striving ahead is one of the keys to improving life, at large. However, there are situations where a different approach can turn out to be a safer bet.

Humility is a virtue that demands one to be modest about their opinions. There are circumstances in life where accepting fate is wiser than going against the tide. For instance, a demanding job may seem quite frustrating but the situation is beyond one’s control. It would be best to let go of the discomfort and accept the deal. Similarly, lack of funds is another challenge that is not easily resolved and accepting fate may be the only peaceful option available.

To conclude, it is best to say that the presence of mind and wise judgement is more important while handling bad situations. In my opinion, being agile and thinking out of the box is the most lucid explanation of this predicament.


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