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Cambridge IELTS book 14 – Test 2 essay answer

Cambridge IELTS book 14 – Test 2 essay

Environmental problem

cambridge IELTS 14 -t2
Cambridge IELTS 14 -t2

Sample essay : 280 words, 8-9 band

Unrestrained exploitation of natural resources has squandered our planet beyond recognition. As a result, many different living organisms have become extinct. While some say that this is the biggest challenge staring at our generation, others opine that there are other issues which require more attention. For instance, climate change, global warming, and many more challenges require an equal amount of thought and concern.

Since the late 1700s, academic laureates have been on a quest to record and classify all the species on this blue planet. However, in the past few decades, the rate of extinction of species has paced up and is quite a concern to all. This is mainly because of pollution and unregulated hunting of wildlife. But if pondered profoundly, it is also understood that one thing leads to another. The disappearance of certain species cannot be directly resolved; a single course of action may not exist. The answer to this dilemma can be found somewhere else, altogether.

Another challenge is climate change and the steady increase in global temperatures. The industrial revolution and exploitation of resources have effectively polluted habitats and depleted natural reserves, which many plants and animals rely on, consequently leading to their extermination. Moreover, such issues are detrimental to our existence as well. If the current rate of global warming continues, the day is not far when we would be standing at the brink of extinction.

Although, it is vital to protect forests and wildlife, the path to ensuring it may not be as simple as it seems. Nevertheless, climate change or pollution is the real reason behind many environmental threats, including the annihilation of flora and fauna.


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