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IELTS Essay band 8 – Consuming sugar is harmful for human health.

IELTS Recent Essay Question


Consuming sugar is harmful for human health. Some think that it is the government’s responsibility to limit sugar intake, while others think that it is an individual’s responsibility to limit his or her amount of sugar consumption. Discuss both sides and give your opinion.

Sample essay : 260 words, 8-9 band

Most organisms depend on glucose for energy, but for humans, excess sugar can be abysmal. Some people would claim that the government is responsible for controlling sugar in our diet, while others opine that it is a personal choice.

In any country, it is the government that controls and limits the prices of commodities, including sugar. Certain measures may be implemented; packaged and processed edibles can be regulated by imposing a strict limit on the amount of glucose. However, a person’s consumption of sweets and confectionaries cannot be checked by the authorities. This is because, at a personal level, the authorities are tied down and there are limited options to control the malaise introduced by this white poison. Therefore, authorities would be perplexed with this commodity’s control.

Not many realise that our health is our responsibility. An excess amount of blood-sugar might lead to ailments, such as diabetes and liver disorder. Eventually, this attracts unnecessary expenses and introduces family issues. For instance, one Christmas a box of pastries caught my eye, and I ate it all. By evening I had to be hospitalised and incurred huge expenses. Obesity is another concern linked with uncontrolled consumption of sugar-rich junk. Teenagers who are overweight face many challenges, and are often, bullied at school. Thus, an individual’s role in this affair is quite significant.

Certainly, the local body can take some actions to discourage the use of sweets and confectionaries. However, with my abysmal experience, I would opine that it is a matter of personal choices and the governing body is the least responsible.



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