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IELTS Essay – Solar Energy

IELTS Essay – Solar Energy

In this blog, I will be discussing an IELTS essay – Solar Energy. The question and sample essay are given below. You may use this essay to form your own responses for the test. However, do not copy this in your actual test as you might get marked down for plagiarism.


  • Solar energy is becoming more and more popular as a source of household energy in many countries around the world.
  • Why is this
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of solar energy?

Sample IELTS essay – Solar Energy : 260 words, 8-9 band

Solar power was introduced years back, just recently its popularity has overwhelmed the market. This has led some to ponder on the reasons behind this sudden acceptance of the technology. Certainly, as with all other things, renewable energy also has its list of benefits and demerits.

The main reason behind the delay in the proliferation of solar-powered devices was its high cost and installation charges. However, this has been mitigated to a large extent. Advancements in electronics, material science, and manufacturing techniques have largely contributed to this industry. Eventually, making it affordable for the masses. Moreover, the many advantages of renewable energy also make it attractive. Firstly, it overcomes our dependency on the power grid and helps reduce energy bills. Secondly, it keeps a check on carbon emissions and is a great contributor to our fight against climate change. Nevertheless, there are a few challenges which discourage people from investing here.

Contrastingly, such types of equipment are useless in geographical areas where sunlight is scarce. If the sun is obscured by clouds, the device would not be able to produce the required output or might work intermittently. Another drawback is that high-powered equipment, such as an air-conditioner or room heater cannot run on this source of power. They need a formidable source of energy, which is not feasible with current solar panels. These reasons may discourage investments from households in colder climates.

To conclude, further research and development of this science is becoming imperative, by the day. However, more funds and time are required to perfect this gift from mother nature.



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