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Cambridge IELTS book 14 – Test 3 essay answer

Cambridge IELTS book 14 – Test 3 essay answer



  • Some people say that music is a good way of bringing people of different cultures and ages together.
  • To what extent do you agree or disagree with this opinion?

Sample essay, 290 words

Music transcends boundaries and creates a pleasant atmosphere for people from distant ethnicities and generations. Indeed, there are many reasons to support this thought. However, at closer inspection, this may seem wrong.

On a broad perspective, musical notes tend to soothe our mind and body, subtly inducing a sense of delight. A person can forget his turmoil and be content. However, one needs to comprehend that this experience is quite personal and does not induce any shared emotion. People from distinct stages of life can have separate feelings when they hear a particular song. For instance, youngsters and teenagers experience an adrenaline rush listening to Rock or Electronic Dance Music (EDM). While they relish, older people would certainly feel disturbed by such loud noises. In some extreme cases, this music can be fatal to senior citizens. Therefore, it cannot be generalised that distinct generations would opt for the same genre.

Alternatively, folks from separate cultural backgrounds may receive a feeling of oneness as they listen to familiar tunes. Concerts and musical events lure masses from different parts of the globe and corral them together. Usually, these gatherings extend for a few days and allow people to know each other better. Eventually, this brings them closer, clears differences and develops togetherness. Also, YouTube and many other apps have made songs available to anyone with a smartphone. Being in India, one can enjoy the latest albums from the United States or vice-versa. This, in turn, sets a platform to share emotions and promotes globalization.

Surely, people from different cultures are brought together by music but the same cannot be stated for people of different ages. Although some might stand firm with the statement, I would opine that it is only partially correct.


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