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IELTS Cambridge 14 Test 3 Task 1

Cambridge Book 14 Test 3, Academic Writing Task 1

IELTS Report on a hydroelectric power station

Below is a question from IELTS Cambridge 14 Test 3 Task 1 – Report Writing. The question is about how electricity is generated in a hydroelectric power station. You may read through the sample answer, given after the question. I have also marked a few words which can help you write better IELTS reports.


The diagram shows how electricity is generated in a hydroelectric power station.

Summarize the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparisons where relevant.

IELTS Cambridge 14 Test 3 Task 1 – Report writing

IELTS Cambridge 14 Test 3 Task 1 answer
hydroelectric question – cam 14 test 3

Sample Answer IELTS report, Band 8


The illustration shows the process behind the production of electrical energy in a hydroelectric power station.

An overview of this image tells us that this is a two-fold process. The plant consists of two dams- one at a higher altitude and another at the lower end. During the day the plant produces electricity and by evening, it uses a part of its power to pump water back into the higher dam.

Throughout the day, a large volume of water flows from the high-level reservoir to the turbine located at the lower end of the power plant. The force of the liquid turns the blades of the turbine, which in turn, powers the generator. Thus, producing electricity, which is then sent to the national grid using electrical cables. Furthermore, the spent water is collected in a dam at a lower ground level.

During the night, the turbines run in the opposite direction and pump the fluid back into the high-level reservoir. Hence, the generator works as a motor that assists in this transfer. This cycle continues and keeps generating electrical energy.


  • illustration – a picture or a diagram
  • two-fold process – a process which has two major steps
  • liquid –  used her for water
  • blades of the turbine –  the fins(vanes) of a turbine(a machine resembling a wheel)
  • powers – to give energy, power up
  • national grid – amphitheatre
  • spent water – used water
  • cycle continues – a repeating set of event

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