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IELTS Essay – Crime rate and Technology

IELTS Essay – Crime rate and Technology


  • Crime rate has increased with the advancement of technology. To what extent do you agree or
    disagree on this statement? Or
  • Crime rate has increased with the advancement of technology. Do you agree or disagree on this

Sample Essay, 260 words

Violence and crime have always been the heartbeat of any city or country that distinguishes itself from others. Certainly, with the means of the internet, this menace has managed to craft itself into varied innovative manifestations. However, pointing out that technology has paved its path may need some further contemplation altogether.

Criminals seek clever ways to deceive common people and this need for deception in present times, clearly requires them to incline to technology. Identity thefts and bank account hackings are the most common crimes that put both the rich and the poor at stake. Moreover, high-speed internet and the knowledge of coding, has made unemployed youngsters feel emancipated, by way of these illegal activities. Consequently, the rate of crime has peaked. The spike in the rate of crime through technology seems unhindered from a viewpoint like this.

Another point of view is the lack of knowledge among the end-users. For instance, most people are still learning and exploring the ergodicity of using banking apps and other secure applications. Sometimes, they tend to give away peculiar information relating to their living. Most hacking bots read through such descriptions, and the poor user falls prey, unknowingly. Even though there are avid campaigns and awareness programs that run across visual and social media, people do not pay heed to these. Thus, to state that the sole aspect of technology is bolstering the increasing crime rate is not justified.

To conclude, I would explicitly voice out that instead of condemning technology, the need is to educate people, to secure their vital and secretive information.




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