IELTS Speaking Part 1 Topic – January to April 2020

Let’s have a good look at the latest and the first quarter speaking part 1 topics for this year, 2020. Remember, this is not a complete list, and it is advised always to include past Speaking topics from September to December 2019, while preparing for the IELTS test. This list includes all the inputs from our students and trainers around the globe. Let’s start with a few tips on IELTS speaking part 1.

Tips for Speaking Part 1 Topics

The speaking part 1 questions require you to answer crisply in short, one to three sentences. The examiner would ask 10 to 15 questions from 3 to 4 different topics listed in the document here.

Take this as a string of short conversations and make yourself comfortable as you set in, making sure the conversation is led by the examiner, stop when he or she interrupts to ask you more.

You should try and be honest with your answers, don’t cook up responses which might seem vague or impractical or gives a mugged up impression.

You may train yourselves for any topic by answering the essential questions relating to – What? When? Where? Who? Why? How? And also compare the present scenario versus when you were younger.

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Nevertheless, I have created a document, which lists all the speaking topics and sub-questions for IELTS part 1 speaking topics from “May-August 2019” till “Jan-April 2020”.

This document is free for download and you can get it by subscribing to our blog here.

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