COVID19 – Truth and Misinformation

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I know Corona Virus 2019 has created a worldwide pandemic. In such times, news of hope and advices are welcomed by people, at large. AskLearning would be sharing these ‘truths and tips’ to keep us all go a long long way, healthily!

According to WHO (World Health Organization), we have chosen these ‘7 basic truths and tips’ should help you kick out COVID 19:


1.Hot weather conditions will slow down or kill the new corona virus has NOT Been PROVEN!

Be on alert and prevent the virus from entering into your body through unwashed hands.

Do not touch your eyes, mouth or nose with unhygienic hands.

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2. Hot baths have NO greater benefit than simply washing hands with alcohol based hand sanitizer that contains at least 60% of alcohol.

Human body temperature is higher than any hot water bath you can give yourself.

Covid 19 -2


3. Neither COLD weather nor WARM summer will help to kill the COVID -19 virus because, as of now, there is no evidence to prove it.

Clean your hands with alcohol based sanitizers or soap and water remains the best advice as per the WHO directives.

Covid 19 -3


4. It has not been proven that Mosquito bites spread the new corona virus.

COVID – 19 virus can remain on a surface for long, although an accurate definition of how long

and on what type of surface is not defined yet.

Covid 19 -4


5. The new COVID 19 cannot be treated by ANTIBIOTICS Or Any known medicines. Antibiotics only treat bacterias, they do not work on viruses.

There is no specific medicine recommended to prevent or treat the new virus, Covid 19.

Covid 19-6


6. COVID -19 can easily infect an older person with an issue of asthma, diabetes, and even heart disease patients. However, the risk of the virus remains the same for both young and old people.

Old people are at a greater risk as the virus will make them severely ill.

Covid 19 -5


7. To use a mask is just as important as cleaning your hands. Cover mouth and nose using mask immediately replace the mask if it gets damp.

The masks are ‘ONE TIME USE ‘only. Replace after every 24 hours or when required.




Follow these quick tips and be SAFE !! That’s our priority.

AskLearning Team


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