Impact on Study Abroad and Immigration after Covid-19

The scare of Coronavirus implemented a global lockdown across 190 countries affecting more than one million people worldwide. It is the worse scenario faced by rich and poor nations alike to date. The only solution being- social distancing, a disciplined mask culture and washing hands diligently. Amidst all this, young students are looking at every day news updates, just to hear when their dream destinations would be ready to open doors.

In these times, prayers and hopes among students, particularly from India need a sole favour of being able to make it to their desired colleges in Canada or Australia or USA. The UK study policies in 2020 invited students for a very promising future. All these dreams and plans stand frozen in the face of the novel Corona Virus. This depression is a looming concern for pupils today, and they feel the future appears dull. Possibly, some feel that the only resort may be to apply in Indian colleges and stay within national boundaries.

Regarding study abroad and immigration, monitoring the economic trends, observing the decisions of British Council and IDP, policies for immigrants, and based on Indian students’ opinions in foreign countries, one can foresee that the whole industry might see a dip for the next three months, however, the trends should follow up intensely by August- September, as the world finds a stronghold precaution and eventually a cure to the menace of COVID 19.

There are a lot of rumours about immigration processes and study abroad agendas now, authenticating what you may hear or get to know is the resolve. Merely believing in a fake piece of news may have consequences for you and your peers. Therefore, it feels there will be a pragmatic online shift in this area of the economy.

Most students want to study abroad not to be taught by foreign nationals but to primarily get the exposure of the country they choose to be in, its cuisines, its ‘so-called cliched lifestyle’ and many such aspirations. The Asian brave hearts may not really be happy to feel fortified in their home countries. In turn, the crisis would only increase the demand for students and workers from countries like India, rather than China. Indeed, China had been a big player in the ‘immigration and study abroad programs’ especially to European and American nations. This demand should now be going to shift to India and preferably Indian students.

So, for once believe that your dreams of settling abroad or studying abroad have not gone down the drain. Instead, the demand will surge after this ‘three- month’ dip.

So, buck up!! Be positive, stay safe and do not worry.


Source: https://economictimes.indiatimes.com/industry/services/education/study-abroad-dreams-shattered-or-delayed-due-to-covid-19-students-look-for-plan-b/articleshow/74990680.cms

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