IELTS Part 1 Speaking Topics for January to April 2020

IELTS Part 1 Speaking Topics for January to April 2020

Home –
• Where is it?
• What kind of home do you live in?
• Tell me a little about your home?
• How many rooms do you have at home?
• Which is your favourite room?
• What changes would you like to bring in it?
• Do you plan to live in the same house in the future?
• How is your neighbourhood?

Hometown –
• Where is it?
• What facilities are there around?
• What improvements would you like to have there?
• Do you like it?
• What can a visitor do there?
• What are the common occupations of people there?
• How is the traffic?
• Is it a good place for a child growing up there?


Work/ Study –
• What is your present area of work/ what have you studied?
• Where do you work/ where did you study that?
• Why did you choose this domain at work/ why did you choose this course?
• Do you like your present area of work/ area of study?
• What do you not like about it?
• Do you plan to change your domain in the future/ area of study?

Running & Exercise-
• Do you like running?
• How often do you go for a run?
• Where do you usually plan and go for a run or jog?
• Do you think running is a good way to stay healthy?
• Are there facilities in your hometown like fitness centres?

Water Sports –
• Do you wish to try a water sport in future?
• Why do you think people have a good time near water?
• Do you wish to try a water sport in the future?
• Do you think indulging in water sports creates any sort of pollution?

Alone Time –
• What do you like to do when you are alone?
• Do you wish to have more alone time?
• Do you think people are more creative when they are alone?
• Would you spend time with your friends or just stay at home on your own?

Music –
• What kind of music do you prefer? Why?
• When do you spend time listening to music in a day?
• Are you fond of learning any musical instruments?
• Does music help you ease in any way?
• Have music trends changed much since your teenage?

Cakes –
• Do you like eating cakes?
• Do you know how to bake a cake?
• When do you usually eat cakes?
• What is your favourite kind of cake?
• Is cake a part of celebration at your home?
• Do you have a variety of cakes available in your hometown?

Hair/ Hairstyles –
• What do you prefer- short or long hair?
• How long have you had your hair in this current style?
• Do you regularly visit the barber’s or hairdresser’s?
• Have you ever been given a haircut that you didn’t like?
• Would you like to change the colour of your hair?

Jeans –
• Do youngster prefer and wear jeans in your hometown?
• How often do you wear them?
• Are they comfortable to wear?
• Do you buy jeans for yourself often?
• Do you buy them online or offline? Why?
• Did you wear them during your school years?
• Why do you think it has become so popular all over the world?

Wild Animals/ Wildlife –
• Do you plan to visit wildlife sanctuaries or have a desire to explore wildlife?
• Many exotic wildlife species are becoming endangered or have been
extinct- Why?
• Do you think effective conservation of wild animals is practiced?
• Animals are losing their natural habitat due to urbanization – What are the
disadvantages of this?

Concentration –
• What kind of activities help you to concentrate?
• Do you think having a routine helps you to concentrate better?
• Is it easy or difficult for you to concentrate?
• Do you do something to help you concentrate better?
• What affects your ability to concentrate?

Fashion –
• Is fashion important to you?
• Do you think it is important to be updating your clothes and hair, as fashion
trends change?
• What kinds of clothes do you like wearing?
• Where do you usually buy your clothes from?
• Have you worn a uniform when you were in school?

Art –
• Are you fond of art?
• Is it necessary to have art classes in school years?
• Do you think children benefit from this?
• How often do you visit art galleries?
• Do you like drawing and painting?
• What would you like to draw or paint?

Sending Messages –
• How often do you send text messages to people?
• Who do you send the most messages to?
• When do you think you will send a message next to someone?
• Do you prefer to call a person or send him a message?
• How has texting and messaging benefited you the most?

Taking a Break –
• How often do you take a break?
• What do you usually do during a break?
• Why do you need to take a break?
• Do you prefer a long break or a several short breaks?
• Do breaks help you feel refreshed to get back to work?

Science –
• Did you like science as a subject back in school? /Did you enjoy learning
science in primary or high school?
• Do you think it is important to study science?
• What kind of science lessons did you take at school?
• How has science helped you to learn better?

School Activity –
• Did you have many activities to do in your school?
• Can you mention a cherished school activity that you have really enjoyed?
• What kind of extracurricular activities do schools offer in your country for a
• Do you think they need to be improved?
• Have school activities improved any skills within you?

Pen and Pencils –
• Do you usually use pen or a pencil?
• Which do you prefer, pen or pencils?
• When was the last time you bought a pen or pencil?
• Do you think using pencils or pens give an impressive writing layout?
• How would you feel if someone gave you a pen as a gift?

Memory –
• Do you have a good memory?
• How easy is it to improve one’s memory?
• Do you have an unforgettable childhood memory?
• Is it important to have a good memory?
• Do you think it is important to have a good memory power as a student?
• What benefits can you have over others if you have a good memory?

History –
• When you were a child, did you enjoy learning history?
• Have you ever been to a museum to learn about history?
• Have you ever watched movies related to history?
• When was the last time you read a book about history?
• Do you think history is important?

Laughter –
• Do you usually make your friends laugh?
• Are you the kind of person who makes people laugh?
• When was the last time you laughed?
• In what situations do people laugh?
• Do you like to make people laugh?
• Do you think it’s important for friends to have the same sense of humour?

Time Management –
• How do you organize your time?
• Do you think people organize time in the same way?
• Do you think it is important to be on time?
• How do you feel when you are late for an appointment?
• How do you feel when others are late?

Parks –
• Do you like parks? Why / why not?
• How often do you visit parks?
• Why are parks an important part of many towns and cities?
• What do you think could be done to make parks better?
• Did you enjoy going to parks as child?

Patience –
• Are you a patient person?
• Who in your family is the most patient?
• What kinds of jobs require patience?
• Why should one be patient with little children and old people?
• In what ways has this virtue helped you?
• Who is more patient – men or women?
• How do you feel when one is not patient with others?

Perfume –
• Do you like perfumes?
• Do you usually wear a perfume?
• How much money do you spend on buying perfumes or body sprays?
• Have you ever given perfume as a gift to someone?
• Would you ever consider giving perfume as a gift to someone?

Rubbish & Recycling –
• Do you practice rubbish recycling at home?
• Are people in your country aware of the importance of rubbish recycling?
• How can it benefit the environment if we segregate waste and effectively
recycle it?
• Are students in your country taught about waste management?
• Why should such an idea be made compulsory?

Cycling –
• Did you learn riding a bicycle when you were a child?
• Is it easy for you to ride a bicycle in your country?
• What do you think are the benefits of riding a bicycle for a child?
• Is it safe to ride bicycles on the roads?

Numbers –
• Do you often use numbers to do something?
• Are you good at memorizing numbers?
• What is your favourite number?
• Are you good at numbers? ( it means are you good at calculations?)
• Would you like to have a job dealing with numbers?

Tea and Coffee –
• What do you usually drink, tea or coffee?
• When did you last have tea/ coffee?
• What are the advantages/ disadvantages of having tea/coffee?
• Would you offer a tea or coffee to someone who comes to your home?
• Would you step out to have coffee/tea from a cafe?

Walking –
• Have you gone for a morning walk ever?
• Why do you think doctors advise on active lifestyles include brisk walking?
• What will happen if we stop walking and use motorized aids for such
• Is walking or jogging more beneficial according to you?

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