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A work or sport you have done in a team

Latest IELTS Speaking Cue Card 2020

Describe a work or sport you have done in a team

Question – Describe a work or sport you have done in a team

  1. What work/ sport did you do?
  2. Who all were with you?
  3. When did you do it?
  4. How did you feel doing a team activity?

Sample Answer – Describe a work or sport you have done in a team

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A work or sport you have done in a team

What work/ sport did you do?

There was a time in college where my classmates and I were supposed to enter a competition called Wall Magazine. There were a few prerequisites to register for it.

Who all were with you?

We had to be a team of eight students and we had to generate the ideas to be put up on the wall, and it had to be illustrated visually for the competition.

When did you do it?

We were given the entire summer to prepare for it. The area of the college wall, assigned to our team, had to be ready by the time the classes resumed after the holidays.

How did you feel doing a team activity?

As any team activity has its challenges and perks, we had to face a lot of snags during our work as well. Overall, I would say that it was a fun-filled brainstorming, but we had our shares of resistance and disagreements during the workflow. We had decided to exhibit the effects of climate change, and we vividly illustrated it with paintings, writings, constructs, quotations, cut-outs relating to climate change from various print media sources. One of our team members felt so inspired by the work done halfway, that she suggested if we could show up a destructive impression starting from the edge of the wall space we were working on.

An impression of devastating forests and melting glaciers posing a threat to human was depicted by just two members of our team who took almost a week, working with paints and colours to bring out the idea and it was true to life. The teamwork gave us time to implore our deeds and made us ponder on how negative and unhelpful we were towards Mother Nature. It was indeed an unforgettable activity as it instilled in all of us, a feeling of compassion and above all, the unity that we could constructively use.

Such a response would be enough to answer the question, Describe a work or sport you have done in a team. The 4 points discussed above answer all the sub-questions in the IELTS speaking module and you should construct the answer, similarly. Also, note the vocabulary and idioms used for this question below.

Vocabulary used:

  • Prerequisites – things required as preconditions for something else to happen or exist.
  • Illustrated – to show or display
  • Resumed – to continue after a pause or interruption
  • Perks – special benefits given to people who do a particular job or belong to a group
  • Snags – a problem or difficulty
  • Brainstorming – group discussion to produce ideas or solve problems
  • Vividly – in a way that produces powerful feelings or strong, clear images in the mind
  • Constructs – an idea or a physical thing which is deliberately built or formed
  • Print media – means of mass communication in the form of printed publications, such as newspapers and magazines
  • Devastating – highly destructive or damaging
  • Depicted – to represent by a drawing, painting, or other art forms
  • Implore – to beg desperately to do something
  • Ponder – to think carefully
  • Instilled – to gradually and firmly establish (an idea or attitude) in a person’s mind
  • Constructively – in a way that has or is intended to have a useful or beneficial purpose

Idioms used:

  • We had our shares/ Have (one’s) share of (something) – To have a sufficient amount of something
  • True to life – showing things and people as they really are, or seeming to be real

Good Luck, and do well in the IELTS Test. Score a band 7 in speaking.

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