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A Time You Observed A Beautiful Sky

Latest IELTS Speaking Cue Card 2020

IELTS Speaking Cue Card – Part 2

This IELTS Cue Card topic may be asked as A Time You Observed A Beautiful Sky or A Time You Looked At The Sky

IELTS Cue Card Question – A Time You Observed A Beautiful Sky OR A Time You Looked At The Sky

  • When was it?
  • Where was it?  
  • What was the reason to observe it?
  • Explain how you felt about it?

This article would help you frame an answer for the IELTS Speaking Cue Card question. The given sample answer is for Describe A Time You Observed A Beautiful Sky and for Describe A Time You Looked At The Sky.

SAMPLE ANSWERA Time You Observed A Beautiful Sky or A Time You Looked At The Sky

Don’t want to read! That’s alright, listen to the Answer for the IELTS Speaking Part 2 Cue Card topic – Describe A Time You Observed A Beautiful Sky, here.


A Time You Observed A Beautiful Sky/ A Time You Looked At The Sky


When was it?

I would like to talk about an enigmatic vacation I had in Europe. Well, my vacay was in the summers, in the month of July. It is also the best time of the year to enjoy a visit to the quaint European cities and landscapes.

Where was it?

I had just landed in Barcelona and I heard about the popular balloon festival. Actually, I had to travel another fifty or sixty kilometres from the main city to the destination where the biggest balloon festival of Europe was being conducted. As it turned out, I was enthralled to reach there on that afternoon when the event was all set and ready to go.

What was the reason to observe it?

The occasion attracts a lot of spectators, especially sky-watchers and tourists, as there is a hot air balloon competition accompanied by recreational exhibitions including a nightglow and fireworks. The lighted balloon flights took place as planned since the weather condition was optimal that evening. The sky glazed with the effects of starlight and appeared as if it was illuminated by heavenly beings. I couldn’t help but gaze up continuously to be enchanted by the pellucid, unclouded skies.

Explain how you felt about it?

Now, most restaurants there have an option where one could dine outdoors in fresh air, under the stars. These eateries are laid out all around the venue. I chose not to go back to the hotel room and found a comfortable seating at a diner to enjoy an Al fresco meal to continue my trip with the glorious air balloons and air glow that lasted until early morning. I was on cloud nine. I continuously stared at the phenomenal sky view with glassy eyes. Truly, there is nothing I can compare to that sight of the night sky to date. I felt indeed blessed to be there at such a picture-perfect moment in time.

Such a response would be enough to answer the question, Describe A Time You Observed A Beautiful Sky or A Time You Looked At The Sky. The 4 points discussed above answer all the sub-questions in the IELTS speaking module and you should construct the answer, similarly. Also, note the vocabulary and idioms used for this question below.

Vocabulary Used:

  • Enigmatic – unexplainable
  • Vacay – abbreviation of vacation
  • Quaint – attractively unusual or old-fashioned
  • Enthral – charm, captivate
  • Sky-Watchers – one who watches the sky for aircraft, satellites, stars and comets or UFOs
  • Recreational – activity done for enjoyment
  • Nightglow – a dim light from the upper atmosphere caused by emissions from atoms and molecules ionized by solar radiation
  • Optimal – best or most favourable
  • Glazed – covered with a smooth, shiny coating or finish
  • Illuminated – brightened
  • Gaze – look in admiration
  • Enchanted – placed under a magical spell
  • Pellucid – bright, crystal clear
  • Eateries – a restaurant or cafe
  • Al Fresco – eating in the open air
  • Air Glow – a glow in the night sky caused by radiation from the upper atmosphere
  • Phenomenal – remarkable or exceptional
  • Glassy – shining (resembling the shine on a glass surface)

Idioms Used:

  • On Cloud Nine – joyful and blissful feeling
  • Picture-perfect moment – Exactly as desired in every detail

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