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IELTS Speaking Test 30 June 2020

Latest IELTS Speaking Test with Sample Answers, 30 June 2020

Latest IELTS Speaking Test with sample answers 30 June 2020 for Part 1, 2 and 3. You will have an understanding of how you can answer the questions and score a Band 7+ with the help of these IELTS speaking sample answers. All these questions are notified by our students who have appeared for the IELTS Speaking Test 30 June 2020. Prepare well!

Speaking PART 1

IELTS Speaking Topics 2020 – Make sure you note all these questions to score better.

Where is your home?

My home is in the central region of Kerala, a state in southern India. And I live in a city known as Cochin.

Where is your Hometown?

I live in the sprawling city centre of Cochin. I have been born and brought up here.

What is your present area of work?

I am an IT professional, working in a renowned MNC. My work mainly relates to system administration and keeping the server secure.

Do you plan to change your domain in the future?

Not really, I love my field of work. I like the challenges that I face while at work, and that makes me feel valuable.

Borrowing and Lending

Did you borrow any books from your friends in your childhood?

I was not a very fast learner during my school years. I remember borrowing notebooks from my peers in class, just to finish up my daily tasks. I used to borrow a number of books to read too.

Do you like to lend your phone when someone asks?

To be honest, I don’t mind lending my mobile phone when someone needs to make a call or to check something. But, I surely ask them about their phone. Just to know.

Do you like to borrow money from others?

I would never say that I like to borrow money. However, there have been times when I have been in need of financial help. In such cases, I would ask my friends for it.

Comedy or Jokes

Are comedy shows popular in your country?

Yes, comedy shows and stand up comedians are loved by Indians at large. These are also aired at peak hours on the TV channels. I know for a fact that most people would look forward to having a giggle.

Do you like to crack jokes?

Certainly, I would like to believe that I am a fun person. I try and make others laugh through my mannerism, and most of my friends and colleagues find it humorous. I am light-hearted at my home front as well.

Fishing and Sea Food

Do you like fishing?

Oh yes, I love to go fishing. Most of the times, I tag along with my friends and enjoy it. Mostly, we do it on Sundays or on holidays.

Is fishing popular in your hometown?

Truly, fishing is a popular activity in my hometown. Being a coastal city, it has been a popular occupation and hobby. For some, it is their primary source of livelihood. The logo of the city tourism department also includes a fishing net.

Are you fond of eating seafood? Why?

I love to eat a variety of seafood as it is easily available around the city. There are certain speciality dishes that natives prepare which are finger-licking. I would say that I enjoy cooking them too.

Do you like to consume tinned or packed seafood?

Since I am a native of a tropical state, fresh seafood is commonly available round the year. However, during the off-season, if I have a craving to eat seafood, I would actually buy tinned or frozen seafood.

Latest IELTS Speaking Cue Card 2020

Speaking PART 2 or Cue Card Topic

I would be discussing two Cue Card Questions below, that our students faced. The main focus of the topics is to describe a person.

Cue Card Question 1 – A Person You Are Happy To Know About

  • Who is this person?
  • How do you know this person?
  • Where did you meet him/ her?
  • Explain why you felt happy about knowing the person?

Cue Card Sample AnswerA Person You Are Happy To Know About

Who is this person?

I would like to talk about my colleague and friend here. His name is John. He is a versatile and chivalrous young man.

How do you know this person?

John and I have been working in the same company for the past four years. We both were newbies in the same team when we joined, and last year, we both got promoted to the next level.

Where did you meet him/ her?

As fate would have it, being a part of an eight-member team, our date of joining coincided. The inductions and on-job training happened together for the two of us. I remember that both our personalities clicked on the very first office lunch we ate together.

Explain why you felt happy about knowing the person?

I remember the first ice-breaking session on the day of our joining. All teammates were given a set of questions and we were supposed to pick a person and ask them those questions. His turn came first and surprisingly he picked me to answer the quiz. Somewhere, this incident made us come together for lunch thereafter. I realised that our friendship was destined to happen. He had a pleasant attitude and seemed to like photography. This sparked our sync further. To this day, after knowing him both professionally and personally, I often feel happy that I met such a kind and helpful person. He is very diligent at work and handles work pressure quite well. He advises me on many matters with a reliable tone. It is truly a pleasure to know a person like John.

Speaking PART 3 or Discussion Questions

What is more important to you? Money or Happiness?

Both seem to be important nowadays. But, if you ask me Money or Happiness, I would say happiness is more important. My reason for such a thought is that if an individual is happy inside out, he would be able to attract wealth or any comfort he wishes to have. This virtue keeps you alive from within and with that spirit, it is easy to make money, rather than worrying and stressing out on accumulating wealth.

How is happiness different in adults and children?

This virtue would always be different for adults and little children. That’s because an adult has a lot of clutter in his mind, he would be preoccupied with thoughts and has an opinion for anything or everything that comes before him. To be happy becomes a choice for adults. On the other hand, children are more carefree and have no fear. They are kind at heart and I believe they are joyful, naturally.

Do employees feel happy when they are paid more?

Certainly, money is a very positive reward and recognition that any employee would want to have. I am pretty sure that anyone feels appreciated when they are paid more for the work they do. I would be extremely happy to get monetary perks if my employer wants to acknowledge me for the work done. Moreover, it feels you are being recognised and valued by such a gesture.

What can an employer do to make his employees feel happy at work?

Indeed an employer can act in many ways to support his employees. Firstly, improve the working conditions such as installing air conditioning. Optimum air temperature can keep the employees fresh and hygienic. Secondly, well-balanced breaks may relieve some of their work pressure. It is significant in today’s fast-paced lifestyle. The employees would not only feel happy, but a lot motivated too.

I would like to discuss another IELTS Speaking Cue Card faced on the same test date, 30 June 2020. Hope this helps with your preparation in the coming days. There is a Sample Answer given for the question below.

Latest IELTS Speaking Cue Card 2020

Cue Card Question 2 – A Friend Who Could Be A Good Leader

  • What is his/ her name?
  • How did you meet him/ her?
  • Do people behave differently when he/ she is around?
  • Explain why do you think he/ she can be a good leader?

Cue Card Sample AnswerA Friend Who Could Be A Good Leader

What is his/ her name?

I would like to talk about one of my good friends here. Her name is Jenifer.

How did you meet him/ her?

Jenifer and I have been buddies since school years. We pursued our college degree together as well. She is now a post-graduate in Mathematics.

Do people behave differently when he/ she is around?

Of what I have seen since our younger days, people are quite conscious around her. She has an incredible capability in numbers and used to out-stand in scholarship tests on both state and national level. I think because of her potential, most people would think of her to be studious. Certainly, she is not a people’s person. I have seen people moving around her desk, and even getting frozen on seeing her entering the lecture hall.

Explain why do you think he/ she can be a good leader?

Well, I would say that Jenifer has impressive accomplishments that would make anyone respect her. Firstly to be a leader, you need to show an exemplary attitude. I feel she is a fit because she is very focussed and knows to lead people as she is qualified and has a lot of humility too. She tries to push limits with the deserving and helps others who are not that efficient. I have seen her handling projects with businesses and most clients love her commitment and the timeliness she follows when she has to deliver. I feel proud that I have a friend like her.

Speaking PART 3 or Discussion Questions

In Indian families, who is generally the decision maker ?

I would say, in most of the families in India, usually, the parents take up any decision making roles. There is no way that children would make a decision for themselves. Parents always have the final say until the child finishes school or sometimes until college. Probably, this is because of the cultural values followed in India. There are many families wherein the father may have a better say than the mother too.

What kind of qualities does a decision maker have?

A good decision-maker would be very patient, I would say. He needs to be an experienced individual, not just measurable in years or in a profession, rather should have rich experience in being a listener who has an open mind and acceptance for others. He or she must be disciplined in life too. Some say that elders in families are considered to be the best decision-makers. But I feel a person should have certain qualities to make good decisions.

Why is it important to make good decisions in life?

Life is quite a blessing for anyone. By making good decisions in life, we can take ourselves on a much happier and successful path. I am not saying that we can always make the right decisions. But, we can always consult elders, talk to our friends and take advice from those we look up to. Discussing with others would always allow us to make informed and better decisions. Keeping things to ourselves may drive us into making disastrous choices.

Who can be the best decision maker at workplace?

At any workplace, the best person to make a decision would always be a supervisor or manager. They are close to the team and they know what suits right for them. Most organisations today have a team leader assigned at every level. This person manages the team by taking the right decisions for the benefit of the teammates. He can also have a clear communication channel and is always a better choice in a hierarchy to address issues.

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Good Luck, and do well in the IELTS Test. Score a band 7 in speaking.

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