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A Time You Felt Bored

May to August 2020, IELTS Speaking Cue Card – A Time You Felt Bored

Latest IELTS Speaking Cue Card 2020

A Time You Felt Bored Cue Card is discussed here with a Sample Answer and an Audio. I have also mentioned possible Part 3 Follow Up Questions. All the sample answers are at least Band Score 8+. Hope it helps you prepare well for IELTS Speaking.

IELTS Cue Card Question – A Time You Felt Bored or Describe A Time When You Felt Bored

  • What was the occasion?
  • Where was it?
  • When did this happen?
  • Explain why you felt so bored?

SAMPLE ANSWER – A Time You Felt Bored or Describe A Time When You Felt Bored

Don’t want to read! That’s alright, listen to the Answer for A Time You Felt Bored IELTS Speaking Cue Card or Describe A Time You Felt Bored Cue Card, here.


A Time You Felt Bored


What was the occasion?

Well, there was a time in my college years when I felt bored. Once I was at home for the weekend stay. I used to live in the college hostel then and visit home every alternative weekend. This one time we had a prayer session happening and my mom planned it precisely when I was home too.

Where was it?

The prayer meeting was arranged at my house. My father had been bedridden for long. Hence, it was both imperative and unavoidable for me.

When did this happen?

I think I was in the third year of college then. I was in my early twenties. This time in life, I was very busy with the university study and the responsibilities at the home front as well.

Explain why you felt so bored?

I was home during those days to spend time with mom and dad. I never anticipated a thick crowd in my house as I entered that day. I had just driven for about eighty kilometres at a stretch. As soon as I got in, I heard praise and worship songs, dad was not in his room, mom lost among those gathered there. After a minute, finally, my mom spotted me sitting in a corner. As we are strong Catholics, she gestured me to just sit there peacefully. I was bored to the core of my existence. I was feeling very tired. Adding to that, all these people and the awkwardness, everything made me uninterested in all that was happening around. I felt extremely jaded that day.

Such a response would be enough to answer the question, A Time You felt Bored. The 4 points discussed above answer all the sub-questions in the IELTS speaking module and you should construct the answer, similarly. Also, note the vocabulary and idioms used for this question below.

Vocabulary Used:

  • Precisely – Specifically, Accurately
  • Bedridden – Sick and disabled
  • Imperative – Important, Necessary
  • Anticipated – Expected, Predicted
  • Gestured – Signalled, Indicated
  • Awkwardness – Inability, Embarrassment
  • Jaded – Bored, Dulled

Idioms Used:

  • At a stretch – At one time, without stopping
  • To the core – In every way; To an extreme degree

Part 3 – Follow-Up Questions

Part 3 – The Follow-Up or Discussion Questions would mostly be based on boring jobs, interesting jobs, interesting technology, activities to keep you busy.

What kinds of jobs are considered boring? And why?

All jobs provide an income and can never seem boring for those involved in them. I feel that redundant jobs would be the most boring as they have no learning outcomes. For example, those who work as security guards and daily waged labourers have to just do these jobs for their livelihood, not for the knowledge they gain out of them.

What makes any job interesting?

I would say that any job would be interesting if the doer prefers to be involved in it. Be it the learning they receive, the growth they see ahead of them or the passion to do it all together. Most people choose a domain at work once they feel they can excel in it and above all, find it rewarding. A worker feels appreciated and motivated that way. 

What kind of activities do youngsters find interesting nowadays?

I think young people today, like to do things that they are passionate about. They feel inspired and may go to any extent to do it. Most of them like technical stuff, photography, travelling and many like gaming as well. These activities bolster their adrenaline gush and the feeling to achieve something no one ever has done before.

Has technology made jobs and leisure activities more interesting?

Undoubtedly, technology is like a ladder that takes you up when it comes to work or leisure. People can do work faster and more creatively using apt applications. At work, connectivity has become so much easier with technology. One can work from home without taking leaves and be present for important meetings. Surely, pleasure activities have also become mostly dependent on technology. From navigation to weather, to interesting deals and even dating has become a cakewalk because of it.

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Good Luck, and do well in the IELTS Test. Score a band 7 in speaking.

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