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Describe a time you visited a farm?

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When was it?

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What did you do there?

How was your experience there?

IELTS Speaking tips with Angel Joseph


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hello and welcome to another video from ask learning my name is angel and i’m here to give you another sample answer for the speaking topics for ielts and this is essentially from the may to august speaking topic list so here goes the cue card question all right before that please do subscribe and like our videos so that i feel motivated to send and post more of these so thanking you in advance and let’s have a look at today’s cue card so this private time you visited a farm or a stark land or a farm land so describe a time you visited a farm when was it where was it what did you do in there and describe how you felt being in such a place all right so for this cue card i remember a time when i had gone to one of my uh father’s friend’s farm which was uh quite um not in town really it was quite away from the town it was in a very rustic and a very um stark location um we used to live in the uh suburb in a suburban place in the northern india and the farm was situated uh i think it was about 100 kilometers so we were driving for about two two and a half hours and that’s when we reached this farm my father was gloriously describing throughout the way how beautiful this place is what uh saw different species of flora and fauna is found there so they also had a duck farm there so um as he was describing it our curiosity was like you know every kilometer it was rising so once we reached there i i believe uh me my dad we we both were just waiting for the car to stop and get out so that we could explore the place uh my dad’s friend had given him the keys so the farm was to ourselves for that particular week weekend it was on a sunday so uh we entered that place and the first thing i see is a beautiful uh uh it’s a it’s a hen uh coop basically i’ve never seen a chicken coop in my life i’ve seen it in uh maybe in movies or certain games but that was the first thing that caught my vision uh further on as we went forward my dad told me that uh there are some specific areas where they do not allow us to just you know uh take a stroll in because they have planted certain very exotic varieties of flowering plants and they need certain types of shelter and the kind of you know the mud and the watering is done so all that was very specific to the conditions that they grow in so we couldn’t just go and take a stroll there but my dad told me that eventually we would we would we we could take some pictures over there by the time we returned so exploring the farm further as we walked a little little more inside there was there was uh i would say there were different routes that was um actually laid down so that you know people could uh go to they had a big farm they had uh certain areas where they had these strawberries uh it is not is a very um i would say it has extreme conditions and when we had gone there it was winter so um the strawberries were ripe and ready to harvest so i was so lucky to actually see laborers standing there and you know doing some strawberry picking i was elated and i told my dad that i also wanted to get my hands dirty so i immediately grabbed a small basket that these ladies were picking and putting the strawberries in i did that with them and i still remember the strawberries were so fresh and plush i i was eating them as i was doing that and uh going on further the farm uh actually gave me a sense of a different taste and smell to the air over there uh north northern india i would say is very polluted and like i said uh living in the suburban area um going uh um about 100 kilometers inside uh to a rustic land like this everything’s so stark around it and you have a beautiful farm i also remember uh this friend of my dad had a beautiful um i would say uh uh a house that he had mentioned that he had uh actually uh you know he made it um with his own ideas so i wouldn’t say it was very fancy but very minimalist and uh he had mentioned to us so that you know we could uh spend our night there and step out early morning the very next day as i entered into that house again the feeling was ecstatic i feel uh this was a one farmland experience which um gave me a sense that there is a lot of richness and i would say the um you know uh there are places which are still so nascent and they are still blooming in glory even though there are not so big buildings and large amenities around there are some places that you can visit and you feel so satisfied and the feeling is just a pure blessing so this is the experience that i would like to share wherein i visited a farm with my dad and it was one of the most coziest experiences that i ever had in those winters so this is a sample answer for you i hope you enjoyed it and i hope this helps you.

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