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Recent IELTS Speaking Test on 1 June 2021

These are the questions from Speaking Part 1, 2 and 3 that appeared on the recent IELTS Speaking Test on 1 June 2021.

The cue card question – Describe an outdoor market you have visited has a sample answer. I am sure this would help IELTS test-takers preparing for Speaking Test.


Part 1


  • Are you concerned about the environmental issues around you?

Yes, I am a nature lover and I do care for the environment. I feel as a species, we have put the environment at great risk due to our thoughtless activities and lack of control.

  • What do you do to save the environment?

I have been conscious about waste management to start. I make sure to avoid using my private vehicle if I am visiting the nearby shop. Also, my colleagues and I have started carpooling for work.

  • What the main factors that affect the environment nowadays?

I would say unregulated industrial waste and air pollution are the main concerns that need immediate tackling. Apart from that, afforestation has to be encouraged over intemperate cutting of trees.

  • Is pollution the main reason for environmental problems?

Pollution in its various forms is a compelling factor that causes environment-related issues to a large extent. I feel if individuals start making generous efforts, controlling our desires for a lavish lifestyle, it can make a huge impact.


  • Do you know to drive?

Oh yes! I know to drive and I am a cautious driver too. I learnt driving as a young student as soon as I reached the relevant age.

  • Do you have a license to drive?

Absolutely, I have a drivers’ license for both two and four-wheeler vehicles. I initially got a learners’ license and then in two years, I had the adult driving license in hand.

  • Do you think it is difficult to drive a car?

I don’t think so. This difficulty may be a case for beginners but, as you get the knack of driving on main streets and highways, you can easily handle a car.

  • At what age are people allowed to drive a car in your country?

Usually, youngsters have to apply for a learners’ license in India, and in two years they gradually get their adult driving license. They also need to pass the driving test in order to get that.


Part 2 

CUE CARD – Describe an outdoor market you have visited

  • Where is it?
  • What can you buy from there?
  • What do you like about the place?
  • How was your experience?


SAMPLE ANSWER – Describe an outdoor market you have visited


Generally, outdoor markets are a very popular concept in India. We have one in our hometown too. It is a weekend market and the people in the locality look forward to visiting it.

It is a large open-air market where numerous vendors put up stalls and often advertise by loud street cries. They shout out discount prices to attract customers. They sell fruits and vegetables, clothes, kitchen items and utensils, shoes and bags, condiments, and many other household items like towels, mops, etc. The traders are very friendly and often banter with customers which creates an energetic ambience in the place.

The most exciting feature of the place is that you can get hold of everything required in the household. The outdoor market is quite big and it offers a large variety in every category. The prices are affordable. If one knows to haggle with the merchants and get to a bargain, there is nothing like it. People from every spectrum of society are found in this market. Undoubtedly, the items you buy are also qualitative.

My experience was enjoyable as I visited the outdoor market with my mom. She is an ace in bargaining and very interactive too. As a regular buyer there, many sellers called out to her as they saw her coming. I was delighted to see so many people and so many salesmen, all hustling along the narrow path in the open-air market. Truly, I had a lovely experience meeting those vendors, buying things and seeing the bustle there.

Part 3 

Follow Up Question on Outdoor markets, Changes in markets, Online and Offline Shopping


  • Are outdoor markets relevant in your country? Why?/ Why not?

Yes, outdoor markets are commonly seen in India. As we have a large suburban and rural population to cater to, having such markets ease the trouble of people going to malls and supermarkets. People in India are also fond of these open-air markets as they can find everything they need at a reasonable price, at an accessible place. Most are accompanied by friends and neighbours, which makes their buying experience quite interesting.

  • How do you think the markets are changing nowadays?

As the purchasing power of consumers has increased, many have opted out of outdoor markets and want to visit more sophisticated and comfortable outlets which are air-conditioned. They want to grab the latest products, experience branded and imported goods. Hence, the trend of visiting supermarkets is becoming more popular day by day. As a part of the improvement in lifestyles, no one wants to showcase that they do affordable buying, but want to stand out in their social circles too.

  • What is the difference between online and offline shopping?

Online shopping has actually opened doors for people to get things at a nominal price than what they see at clothing stores. The offerings are variant and people enjoy going through hundreds of options in each product category. It started with clothes and accessories, and now even pantry needs are accommodated on online shopping sites. Offline shopping has a lot of hassles like taking out time to get to a shop, dressing up for it, making arrangements at home when one is stepping out to a shop. One knows both time and money can be saved being an online shopper.

  • Do you think online shopping will overtake the market in future?

Possibly yes, online shopping is trending now and can be a future phenomenon. But, there are many fronts and needs that would still incline to offline buying methods. In certain cases, people have urgent needs and there are places where online deliveries are not feasible. So, in such instances, people may still have to resort to offline shopping. In most cities, with the increase in urban shoppers, malls are trending with cinema theatres and state of art entertainment options with eateries, which make them step out of homes and shop offline too.

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