What does the Top IELTS Coaching Center in Ernakulam offer?

Are you worried about your IELTS preparation? Don’t know how to schedule your course? You shouldn’t worry as we at Ask learning are here to help. Being the top IELTS coaching center in Ernakulam, we have been delivering assured 8777 results for over 90% of our students for years. We follow a perfect guideline in teaching which produces expected scores for each of our students. Ask learning offers a self-learning guide to excellently crack IELTS exams through free study materials and IELTS sample answers.


Learning guide 

The top IELTS coaching center in Ernakulam provides self-awareness to students to identify their pros and cons as an initial training step. Some of our measures are:


Setting a goal

The first aspect of the process is to set a goal for yourself. The goal should be based on the minimum requirements of your dream college at your desired destination. Check the admission websites of those institutions and find out their requirements for overall IELTS score and in different parts.


Find out your weaknesses

Before setting up an exact study plan, you can do a full-length practice test to check your level. Thereby, you can identify your strengths and weaknesses in different parts of the test. For example, if you are better at reading and writing but not very fluent in listening and speaking, then you can concentrate on those sections better. This will improve your proficiency and make you improve the flaws in your English language to become an expert.


Plan daily and weekly practice

This is the most crucial step in making an IELTS study plan, as an effective study plan should meet your personal needs. Here are some useful tips!

As a first initiative, you should schedule your time according to your requirements and comfort. Weekends may be the best time for you to prepare and practice intensively for the test.

Then you need to calculate how much time you have before your IELTS test. If your time is limited, you should have more focus on your weak areas rather than on every section of the course. For example, if you are already a good listener and a thorough reader, you can practice speaking and writing each day, and attempt timed, full-length practice tests on weekends.

Enroll now to the top IELTS coaching center in Ernakulam to excel well in your test. We offer a comprehensive teaching support enabling you to crack any language tests easily and confidently.

About Ask

Having years of experience in IELTS training, we are the top IELTS coaching center in Ernakulam. We strive to deliver 8777 results for everyone and we guide our students in the best way to achieve it. What we offer is something unique you would love to experience. Our system is entirely different and efficient. Enroll with us now to experience admirable learning benefits. New batches are commencing soon don’t miss this opportunity. Contact us for enquiries and bookings. 

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