Best IELTS Coaching Center in Kochi

Listening Guide with the Best IELTS Coaching Center in Kochi 

Listening is a vital part of IELTS preparation. The process reveals how conscious and attentive you are in the examination. The test is not simple and you should be vigilant enough to crack it. However, With the best IELTS coaching center in Kochi, the task is quite easy. 


IELTS Listening Test

As we have mentioned above, IELTS listening test and its preparation is not a simple task. There are certain procedures that are involved in the test they are: 

  1. Recordings will only be played once. 
  2. The passages get harder as you progress through the exam.
  3. There will be diverse question types with which you must be familiar.
  4. You should be capable of enhancing your skills in predicting answers by analyzing the questions.
  5. There is a series of English accents represented on the exam.

These are the common challenges involved in the test. Being the best IELTS Coaching Center in Kochi we offer excellent training support for you to overcome this easier and faster. 

IELTS Listening will take approximately 35-40 minutes total. About 30 minutes of this time is invested in listening to the recordings and attempting to answer questions in your Question Booklet. The Question Booklet is where you will see the instructions and the questions you need to answer. After you listen to the final passage, 10 minutes will be provided for you to transfer answers from your Question Booklet to your Answer Sheet.

Best IELTS Coaching Center In Kochi

The best IELTS Coaching Center in Kochi 

Ask Learning Institute is known as the best IELTS Coaching center in Kochi. We offer comprehensive training support for our students. Through the official site of British Council, we offer demo listening practice sessions for our students. Are you planning a career abroad? Then, we are here to guide you in your preparation efforts. Holding impressive results of 8777 for almost 90% of the students enrolled, we assure meritorious training guidance. Contact us now to book your seats. New batches commencing soon.

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  1. Amazing article. Thanks for posting this. With best in class faculties, students get the necessary exposure to the most important topics along with regular mock test and doubt solving sessions. Students are provided with the best notes and content curated by our expert teacher faculties.

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