ASK IELTS Kochi Result Band 8.5


This one is going to blow your mind! Check out this candidates IELTS score – an overall band score of 8.5 in IELTS General. Undoubtedly, that’s an impressive stride. Vishnu had joined us for IELTS General Training and it seems all he needed was someone to handhold him through this ordeal. This result is for the month of August 2021.

Vishnu’s individual scores for each section are as follows:

  • Listening – 9
  • Reading – 9
  • Speaking – 8
  • Writing – 7

We, at asklearning, understand that there are many candidates like Vishnu. In all our years’ training students and professionals from across the world, we realised that there are many candidates who have an impressive language. However, they are not able to score well in IELTS. Most of these candidates get stuck with a 6.5 band score, especially in the writing section. It becomes a nightmare for them to cross this dreaded score. If you are one of these candidates then Asklearning is the place for you.


Angel - an IELTS trainer in Kochi
Angel Joseph

Two words that describe Angel are – people’s person and kind-hearted. As the head Speaking coach at Asklearning, she backs up her sessions with awe-inspiring tricks to help you speak your mind. Being a mom, an entrepreneur and an orator, she teaches her students to overcome naysayers, always. Her sessions are lively and fun-filled, and her feedbacks are witty. You may contact Angel on her Official email id.

Justus - IELTS writing expert
Justus Joseph

Justus has talents that excite wonder and admiration. Founder of Ask Learning, he is a wiz-kid who later found his passion in writing. As a calm and diligent individual, most students find a guiding light under his leadership. He teaches crafty structures in IELTS writing and hand-holds you throughout the course. He pulls off amazing methods to cope with grammar troubles students usually have. You may contact Justus on his Official email id.

Angels School of Knowledge – No other coaching, just IELTS training! We are a language school located in Kochi, Kerala, and our entire focus is on IELTS training. Being focused on IELTS makes us the best IELTS Coaching centre in Kochi. Around 80% of our students score a band 7 or higher in IELTS. We are known to provide the most desirable IELTS classes in Kochi, both online and offline. Our personalised IELTS training would let you score higher on the IELTS test and make you cross the dreaded band 7 in IELTS. If you are looking for band 7+ in IELTS General or a 6.5 in IELTS Academic, we are your best bet!

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