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Ielts Speaking Topics January to April 2022

I know you have been eagerly waiting for the Latest Ielts Speaking Topics January to April 2022. So, here they are!

The most accurate and latest IELTS Speaking Topics from around the globe. All these speaking questions have been painstakingly collected from IELTS speaking test takers worldwide.

This article lists the IELTS Speaking Topics from January to April 2022. The following IELTS Speaking questions are apt for anyone preparing for the test in January, February, March and April 2022. This list contains all the tentative topics you may prepare for IELTS Speaking Test – Part 1 or General Questions, Part 2 or Cue Card Question, and Part 3 or Follow Up Questions. For some of the questions, links to answers are provided.

Part 1 Speaking Questions

In this document, all Part 1 Speaking questions from Jan to April 2021 are listed after Part 2 and Part 3 Speaking Questions. You may scroll to the bottom of the page or you may click on the link below to view Part 1 questions for IELTS Speaking.

Click here for Part 1 Speaking Topics

Part 2 and Part 3 Speaking Questions

1.   Describe a person who impressed you most when you were in primary school

Who is this person?

How did you meet him or her?

What did they do?

Explain what impressed you about him or her?

Part 3 Follow Up Questions on school years, teachers, making impressions:

What do you think is better, to have a teacher training you or self-teaching? Why?/ Why not?

What qualities are important for a teacher to have? Why?

Do you think teachers will no longer be required for teaching in the future? Why?/ Why not?

What changes will traditional classrooms and teaching methods have in future?

What is the role of a teacher in a classroom?

2.   Talk about a time when you moved into a new house or school

When was this?

Where did you move to?

Why did you move to a new house/ school?

Explain how it made you feel?

Part 3 Follow Up Questions on having moved into a new house or school:

What are the reasons that make people move to a new home?

What problems do people face after moving to a new place or new environment?

What are the advantages of living in the same place for a long time?

What are the advantages of living in the same place for a long time?

Is it good to move to a new place frequently? Why?

3. Describe a skill that was hard to learn

What was the skill?

When did you learn it?

Why did you learn this skill?

Explain why it was hard to learn?

Part 3 Follow Up Questions on skills and skilful people:

Do you think skilful people are more successful? Why?/ Why not?

How do you differentiate between talent and skill?

What are the skills you have that you are proud of?

How have these skills helped you achieve what you have right now?

Why do some individuals find certain skills so difficult to learn?

4.  Talk about an exciting or interesting book you read

What is the book’s name?

When did you read it?

Were you able to finish it?

Explain how it was exciting/interesting?

Part 3 Follow Up Questions on reading and writers:

Which is more effective in communication – verbal or non-verbal?

Why do you think people with reading habits are skilful in expressing themselves?

Is writing considered to be a scholarly skill in your country among young people?

What are the reasons some people can write poems and stories so well?

Most celebrities turn into writers and motivate us to read – What is the reason for it?

5.  Describe a cafe that you like to visit

What is its name?

When did you first visit it?

Do you go there often?

Explain why you like it?

Part 3 Follow Up Questions on café visits, preferences among young and old people:

Do people prefer to go out to cafés in your country?

What kind of people usually step out to eat or try new drinks?

Are cafés popular with youngsters in your hometown? Why?

Do older people prefer to have coffee at coffee shops or home?

What kind of experience does visiting a café provide?

6.  Talk about a situation when you had to be friendly with someone you did not like

Who was this person?

What made you dislike him/ her?

When did this happen?

Explain why did you have to act friendly with him/ her?

Part 3 Follow Up Questions on friendship, school and college friends:

What kinds of qualities are important to be friends with someone?

Why do we make friends with people we don’t get along with?

Do you think it is easier to find a school or college friend on social media with the current advancement in technology?

What is the difference between being friendly and being kind?

What are the main reasons friends are not able to maintain their friendship after school or college?

7.  Describe an occasion when you received good service from a company or shop

When was it?

What was the product they serviced?

What service did they give you?

Explain why they gave you good service?

Part 3 Follow Up Questions on customer service, importance of customers:

Why are companies and customers dependent on each other?

What does one mean by a satisfied customer?

Why do service centres need to be prompt to consumer complaints?

Do you think companies understand the importance of maintaining customer relationships?

Have customer services improved as technology has advanced?

8.  Talk about a difficult decision that you once made

What was it?

When did you make this decision?

How did it affect your life?

Explain why you made this decision?

Part 3 Follow Up Questions on decision making:

Who usually takes decisions in families in your country? Why?

Why is decision making skill so important for a person?

Should children be allowed to make decisions regarding their activities?

Is decision making an important skill for managers at work? Why? / Why not?

What consequences do you think can happen if there has been a wrong decision made?

9.  Describe a successful sportsperson that you like

Who is it

How are he/ she successful?

When did you find out about him/her?

Explain why you like him?

Part 3 Follow Up Questions on a successful sportsperson that you like:

Are team activities popular in the community around you? Why?/ Why not?

Why do you think sports teams perform so well?

What are the most important qualities that a sportsperson should have?

Do you think people’s engagement in sports and fitness has increased in present times?

Do people in India keep a track of sports news? Why? / Why not?

How do sports personalities influence youngsters?

10.   Talk about a long bike, motorbike or car trip that you would like to take

Where would you go?

When would you leave?

Would you go by bike, motorbike or car?

Explain why you like this destination?

Part 3 Follow Up Questions taking a long bike, motorbike or car :

Do you think people choose travel destinations as per popularity?

Do you think journeys have become easier due to the use of navigation apps?

Has backpacking become popular nowadays?

Do people explore some destinations due to personal interest?

Do you agree that travelling with friends and couple travels have become popular? What are the reasons?

11.   Describe an interesting foreign personality that you know

Who is this person?

Where is he from?

What is he or she popular for?

Explain why you find this personality so interesting?

Part 3 Follow Up Questions on an interesting foreign personality that you know:

Do you think people nowadays follow both native and foreign personalities?

What makes some individuals so influential than others who do the same activities?

What important qualities are required to come up as a popular personality?

Do you think there is more to learn from foreign personalities? Why?

Do youngsters find role models in celebrities?

What kind of activities done by famous people impresses the public?

12.   Talk about a time you waited for something special to happen

Who/ What where did you wait for?

How long did you have to wait?

Why did you wait for so long?

Explain how did you feel about it?

Part 3 Follow Up Questions on patience, waiting, impatience:

Why do think people are so patient while they wait for special things to happen in life?

What are the benefits of being a patient person?

How do you feel when you have waited for a long and things still become unfavourable?

Is it a benefit to show impatience just to get your work done?

What benefits does a calm and patient person have over others who are in hurry?

13.  Describe a place you visited on your vacation

Where is it?

When did you go there?

Who accompanied you on this vacation?

Explain what did you do there?

Part 3 Follow Up Questions on holidays, vacations, homestays:

What are the main factors that make a holiday destination interesting?

Why do people nowadays prefer to travel alone?

Do you think websites offering vacation rentals and homestays are helpful?

What kind of places do most youngsters want to visit?

Do you think people should plan their vacations or not?

14.   Talk about a person whose creative work you admire

Who is this person?

What is his or her work?

What makes it creative?

Explain why you admire him so much?

Part 3 Follow Up Questions on creativity, creative people:

Do you think creativity is a talent or a skill that can be developed?

Do you think people are more creative when they are alone?

Which subjects are helpful for a child to develop imaginative skills?

What kinds of jobs require one to be creative? Why?

Do you think creative people are advantageous in the workplace? Why?

15.    Describe a time when you paid more than expected

When was it?

What did you pay more for?

Why did you decide to pay more?

Explain how did you feel about it?

Part 3 Follow Up Questions on paying for good services and bad services:

Do you think people feel fine paying more for something if they feel satisfied?

What are the main reasons that compel a person to buy without looking at the price?

Do advertisements play a key role in promoting buyer behaviour these days? Why? / Why not?

Why do people raise complaints when they receive bad service?

Why do some customers raise a complaint on pricing after getting the best services from companies?

16.   Talk about a habit your friend has and you want to develop

What is the habit?

Why does your friend practice it?

Why do you like such a habit?

Explain how will it help you?

Part 3 Follow Up Questions on good habits, bad habits, learning from others:

Why do people leave good habits they have as they grow up?

How can one form a habit that they want to develop?

Do you think people nowadays follow good habits or was it more prominent in the past?

What kind of qualities or skills can we learn from others?

Do teachers help us to acquire habits that may be useful to us?

17.   Describe an activity you usually do that wastes your time

What is the activity?

When do you usually do this activity?

How do you plan to control it?

Explain why do you think it wastes your time?

Part 3 Follow Up Questions wasting time and saving time:

Why do we continue to waste time on things we know would affect us?

Is it important for individuals to develop some control over themselves?

Do you think technology allows people to save time or waste time?

How do you think the youngsters nowadays can be encouraged not to waste their time?

Do you think with the use of smart applications, one can save time?

18.   Talk about a Business person you admire/like

Who is this person?

What does he do?

How do you know this person?

Explain why you admire him or her so much?

Part 3 Follow Up Questions on a business-person you admire/like:

Is it important for a business to be competitive? Why?/ Why not?

How do successful businesses impact their surrounding region?

Do you think entrepreneurship has increased with the advancement in technology? Why?/ Why not?

What kinds of businesses are most popular in your country? Why?

What qualities do successful entrepreneurs have more than others?

Do you think running a business is easier than doing a job? Why?/ Why not?

19.    Describe a family member who did something that made you proud

Who is this person?

Where is he or she?

What did he or she do?

Explain why do you feel so proud about his or her achievement?

Part 3 Follow Up Questions on a family member who made you proud:

How helpful are family members with each other in your country?

Do you think people are close to their cousins and relatives these days compared to the past?

How can children help their parents in a family?

Are children more helpful these days than in the past?

Should children be encouraged to help their parents in doing household work?

In what ways can children be rewarded for their kindness and help?

20.   Talk about something you did that was difficult but successful

What did you do?

When did you do it?

How was it so difficult?

Explain why it became so successful?

Part 3 Follow Up Questions on success, happiness, and/or having a successful business:

Do you think achievements are important for a person to feel successful? Why?/ Why not?

Is happiness an important factor for success in life? Why?/ Why not?

Do you think that rich people are happier than poor people? Why?/ Why not?

What qualities do successful entrepreneurs have more than others?

Do you think running a business is easier than doing a job? Why?/ Why not?

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