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10 Reasons why we are the best IELTS coaching center in Kochi

We don’t provide any other coaching, IELTS is all that we work on. And believe me, this is what makes us the best.

10 reasons why we are the best ielts coaching centre in Kochi

First off, focussing only on IELTS lets us provide you with detailed (minimum 30 minutes) reviews for Speaking and Writing. Our trainers make it a point to not only correct you but also give you the best alternate answers. Eventually, you begin to understand the structure in which IELTS answers should be framed. Moreover, these reviews are held individually. We understand that you as an adult do not have to worry about others judging your performance. And to top it off, your classes are conducted by ex-examiners. They are from India and understand the issues that you face as an Indian, especially in the Writing and Speaking sections.

Need recordings of our classes. When you join our classes, you do get access to class video recordings. The benefit is that even if you miss a class, you can go through it later. You would never be left behind. When our training coordinators see that you are absent from the class, they would send you the recordings for that day. Also, you can view all the recordings from our mobile app.

Online or Offline Classes? – We provide both, and essentially, there is no difference in our Online and Offline(classroom) IELTS coaching. It’s the same class. Candidates who join us online are able to view the LIVE class. Furthermore, they can ask doubts, request the trainer to repeat any concept or tip, and ask for more clarification.

Worried about Grammar and Vocabulary. Well, we take care of that too. All our IELTS coaching programs include Grammar and Vocabulary building classes. There is nothing extra that you need to pay and you get to keep these classes with you for life. Other than Grammar and Vocabulary classes, we do provide an array of IELTS Practise Materials such as downloadable PDF’s, e-books and practice materials for you to learn and improve in the test. In fact, we have two libraries, one is at our centre, ASK IELTS Coaching Centre, KOCHI, and the other is available online, as a digital library. Our two libraries also include IELTS Practise Materials, which would be more than enough to take you ta a band 7 and above. Additionally, an online library makes it convenient for anyone to continue practising on the go, be it on a bus, train or any other.

Lastly, for most candidates, flexible timing is another factor that determines their success in the IELTS test. Our training centre is open from 10:00 AM to 9:00 PM allowing all types of learners, be it professionals or students. The centre is located in the heart of Kochi, Kerala, within walking distance from Lulu mall.

When you look at the bigger picture, all these factors come together and make our coaching one of the most desirable IELTS coachings in Kerala.

So what are you waiting for, Join the best IELTS coaching center in Kochi, Kerala and let your dreams become a vivid reality.


Basic IELTS Coaching – 1 Month @ ₹5000
Advanced IELTS Coaching – 2 months @₹10,000
IELTS Writing – 45 Days @ ₹6500
IELTS Speaking – 45 Days @₹6500
IELTS Two Sections – 60 Days @₹8000

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